The link without border

About Us

One of the essential conditions of business success today is the establishment of economic relations extending over various countries and the deliberate use of the advantages coming from the different economic environments. The business relations so established, extending over national boundaries, may significantly strengthen the local market positions of the business partners. A condition of this is that during their cooperation, the business parties successfully overcome the geographical and cultural distances, separating them and turn them to their advantage.

Important tools of reducing the distances in the above sense are, among other things, the in time transfer to each other of information relating to the activities, the organization, optimization, and control of the procedures, the smooth forwarding of the “products” to their destination and the flexible processing of unforeseen events.

With our activity, as a link, we try to make the relations of our partners with each other closer in these areas and to change the distance between them as imperceptible and useful as possible. We put our decade-long experience gained during the integration of our region into the economic “circulatory system” of Europe at the service of our customers to actively help them achieving their success.

The quality of the services provided to our partners is guaranteed by our decade-long international experience, the high level skills of our personnel acquired at Hungarian and foreign professional forums and in-service training and our commitment felt towards our customers.